This Time Passing

This is not a "best of list," nor do I have the credentials nor the knowledge nor the bandwidth to even put one together. Rather, as a WIS, I'm always thinking of watches. So these are some of the thoughts that rattled around my mind this year......

Best "Tank" Watch (takes a beating and keeps running): Anything from the Omega Seamaster/James Bond series

Best Watch that won't impress anyone: A Minute Repeater--can't be heard, unless it's held on a glass or solid surface or held directly to the ear. The slide is too subtle for the average person to see and unless you pull it off your wrist and can show everyone the hammers. Most people will not get it.

Best Watch to Impress a Crowd: A tourbillon, only on the dial side. A Parmigiani Toubillion Toric in platinum. Stunning and you don't need to be a WIS to fall in love.

The Most Subtle Impressive Watch:

Paul Gerber "Retrograde Twin." If you love retrogrades, check out the retrograde seconds built by the Zurich-based master watchmaker.

I used to drape my Rolex out the window of my Mercedes while cruising Santa Monica Boulevard Watch:

The new IWC GST Perpetual Calendar.

You better study the manual carefully, just in case anyone asks you what time it is" watch:

Vacheron-Constantine Malte Regulator. Double time zones, calendar, subseconds. Exciting. As a WIS, you'll find yourself entranced by the dial and never bother to actually figure out the "time."

If you show this watch to anyone other than a WIS you gonna some "splainin' to do Lucy" watch: Roger Dubuis Biretrograde Perpetual Tourbillion. Pictures do not do this watch justice. The Sympathie case is RD's hallmark and this is the watch to own if you could only have one. Of course, you can't and neither can I.
Why a Rolex is Special: White Gold Grossular Daytona. It is a simply gorgeous watch, but still no date.
Why wear a watch when you can carry a clock on your wrist: Daniel Jean Richard "Scope." Actually, I really like this watch.
  They don't make like they used to: Hamilton Electric Pacer (and even good pictures are hard to come by.
If you can afford this watch, we need to talk: The Blancpain 1735 in platinum. The ultimate expression of the watchmaker's art.


Why I love watches: My Dad's Longines. Solid gold from the early 60s.

How come more people don't love this watch: Dubey& Schaldenbrand Aerodyn Duo. Design and finish that puts many watches costing twice as much to shame

How come the ML (Maurice LaCroix) looks out of place on this band, while the Ulysse Nardin, looks fine on this one?

I love this watch yet I never owned one: Chronoswiss Delphis


I've loved this watch for so long. I hope Santa is good to me :Roger Dubuis MuchMore.

Color and Diamonds are so cool: The Corum Trapeze for women. Mother of Pearl dial and diamonds on the corners. Go ahead make a special someone's day.
Up and coming brand: Graham. I love the Chronofighter and the Silvertone. Very distinctive, very bold and for a WIS, they make a statement. For real fun, check out their Foudroyante.


Trend of the year: Watches are getting bigger and the market is getting softer.

A watch I'd love to own, but I have no idea what I'd do with it: Patek 5099, the pillbox watch. An absolutely stunning masterpiece of horology and metallurgy.

This year's fall from grace: Blancpain (please come back!)
O' Brother Where Art Thou?: Minerva
Nice Little Surprise of the Year: IWC Gadebusch 2000, a limited of white dialed Mark XVs created for a small jeweler in Koln, Germany


Nice Big Surprise of the Year:

Corum Jolly Roger Bubble Watch

It only gets better: Reverso Platinum #1. Has any watch ever deserved a skeleton. I would spend hours entranced by this watch.

As much as I love watches.....come New Year's Eve, I'm going to party like it's 1999.

See you next year.

-Larry Seiden