Let me show you what happens......
When you don’t wear your watches....

Herbert Rodenback worked for the A&P (a large American foodstore chain) for 40 years. Most likely he was an examplary employee to deserve this beautiful 18kt. IWC retirement watch. One with the famous Albert Pellaton calibre 854 automatic movement.

Well poor Herbert probably took this watch out of his sock drawer once, put a little ding in the front edge and decided to put it back in his sock drawer. Sadly, Herbert left this life and his heirs didn’t know what to do with this watch, so it ends up in the hands of collector like myself, who is thrilled to have 30-year old in absolute pristine condition (except for that bump).

If you don’t wear them, you better hope the next owner appreciates them more than you do. And you know what? Unless you’re from the Graves family, odds are your heirs aren’t going to receive as much as you think your toys are worth. So don't save your "stuff" for a better time. Enjoy it today

Please love to live and live to love all that is precious to you (but not the “stuff!”)

Larry Seiden