Time Dancing Gloriously

Time Dancing Gloriously........

Watch lovers are extreme detail people. We love every little detail that makes a watch a special timepiece. At the highest end of the watch spectrum are the watches from Switzerland and Germany.

Of course, all watches from the least expensive to those that cost millions, keep and tell time with varying degrees of accuracy. However the ones that are truly special are from an horological artist. Someone who spends days and weeks creating something so unique that from the gloss or the guilloche pattern of the dial to the perfect symmetry of the hour and minute hands to graceful sweep of the seconds hand, this small package, which often has over 200 hand-detailed and finished parts is built for both beauty and durability.

A watch lover looks at the flawless finish of the case, smooth amalgamation of lines, and rarely, cares about the type of metal the watch is made from. We look at the watch's movement to ascertain whether the manufacturer took the extra time to 'finish'every piece to a perfect smoothness, with clean angles and hopefully, engraving or polishing every tiny piece in the movement in keeping with the tradition of their watchmaking region.

While the art of watchmaking has evolved in tiny steps since Abraham Breguet, arguably the greatest watchmaker of all time (and he's been dead for nearly 200 years), we often feel the world whirls around us, taunting us to keep pace. When we look at our watch, we feel that time is not really passing but rather dancing gloriously over the the small details on the face of the watch we love so much.

Larry Seiden