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That's me on the right with a few of my watch-lovin' buddies, showing off our "heavy iron."

My name is Larry Seiden and I'm crazy about watches. All types. And, as my knowledge grows, my appreciation expands.

As my friend and collector extraordinaire, Thomas Mao, says "Time is too precious to measure on a cheap watch." Thomas' heart is in the right place, however, even I know that if you want to glance at your wrist to know the time, you don't need to spend more than $25 on a watch.

This site is really a tribute to the people who create tiny works of art, some no bigger than 18mm in diameter to some as large as 52mm, that with almost unerring accuracy measure our most precious commodity -- time. The one commodity that money can't buy. Time is truly the only priceless luxury.

Watches fascinate me. They always have ever since I was a little boy. I believe someone's watch says volumes about that person. Watches are certainly very personal. Ask someone about their watch and be prepared for a story. And like people, watches come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

I live near San Francisco, California…..not the watch capital of the world, but an interesting place, where I constantly notice what's on people's wrists. I see lots of nice watches and lots of cheap black plastic. I don't judge people by their watches. However, if I see someone wearing a nice timepiece, I'll strike up a conversation. I'm always willing to talk about watches and share my passion.

If you wish to contact me email [email protected]

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